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Forped pedal


  • Accurate, valid and reliable pedal force measurement with high sampling rate (max 500 Hz)
  • Use your own bike
  • Data is collected completely wirelessly and displayed as an ensemble average
  • Easy to use and read the data from a tablet or PC
  • 3-dimensional force and torque measurement


Performance optimisation

Optimise the pedal stroke and improve mechanical effectiveness. Direct calculations of mechanical effectiveness of entire of partial pedal stroke allows a direct assessment of pedalling technique. Scientifically proven approach in bike fitting to determine the most effective body position.

Injury prevention

Identify risk factors and prevent non-traumatic injury occurrence. Information from the torque sensors about the foot-pedal stability provides you with and in-depth knowledge to implement foot orthoses or cleat wedges to maximise pedal stability.


Understand how pedalling mechanics changes at different intensities and fitness levels. Design custom testing protocols and assess how biomechanics changes at various pedalling conditions.

Clinical practice use

Get detailed insight on pedal load and understand/correct the mechanisms behind non-traumatic injuries. Use pedal force and torque feedback to your patients to hasten the recovery after an injury.

Technical information

Each pedal has a group of custom made optical sensors that are specifically designed to fit within the pedal. The sensors are pre-amplified within the pedal to ensure minimal noise and high reproducibility and accuracy. Pedals are calibrated by the manufacturer and regularly used in scientific research.
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  • 2x pedal base
  • 5 different pedal mounts (Look Keo, Shimano SPD-SL, Shimano SPD MTB, Speedplay, Crank Brothers Eggbeater)
  • Crank position unit
  • Frame position unit
  • Forped app
  • Chargers with corresponding cables
  • Suitcase for safe transport


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