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Master classes in Caen, France 2016 – technology, injuries & science


Science & Cycling is an international conference held in conjunction with the start of the Tour de France. During the conference experts from the competitive cycling world and scientists will exchange the latest research and experiences. Alongside the conference an experience square will be set up in which companies and institutes can give demonstrations of their products and technologies.

We are delighted to be actively involved by organising a special master class with an aim to bridgethe technology and cycling science. Advanced diagnostics systems, including force pedals, pressure mapping, 3D kinematics and EMG, will be practically and theoretically presented in a context of cycling analysis. Delegates will have the opportunity to get their hands on the equipment and to learn how this equipment can help optimising cycling performance. The master class will be presented by our program director, Dr. Borut Fonda and two renowned experts in the field of bike fitting Lotte Kraus and Daniel Schade from GebioMized.

Alongside, there will be a second master class on Injury Prevention presented by our colleague from Australia, Paul Visentini. A strong link between the two master classes will be established so we highly recommend to book your place on both days to get the state-of-the-art and evidence-based knowledge that is very important in cycling.

Technology in Cycling Science Masterclass >>>
Science of Cycling Injury Prevention Master Class >>>

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