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Unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics in

  • bike fitting
  • performance enhancement
  • clinical practice
  • sport science
Forped is a unique tool for cycling biomechanics diagnostics designed for experts to record 3-dimensional forces and torques at the pedals. The system is wireless with instant data acquisition to a smart device via a user-friendly app. It provides the user with a detailed insight into cycling mechanics.


Improve Performance

Optimise the pedal stroke and improve mechanical effectiveness.

Prevent Injuries

Identify risk factors and prevent non-traumatic injury occurrence.


Understand how pedalling mechanics changes at different intensities and fitness levels.

Clinical practice use

Get detailed insight on pedal load and understand/correct the mechanisms behind non-traumatic injuries.


It only takes 5 minutes to mount the pedals and start recording.

Ease of Use

Completely wireless system with easy to use tablet based app.


Where to get it?

Cycling Biomechanics system can be used in a daily bike fitting and performance optimisation practice, as well as at universities and research institutes for scientific research.

It provides the most powerful tool to get a direct insight into cycling mechanics.

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